Our company sells studies and installs alarm systems of the largest international manufacturers ideal for business, shopping, residences. Alarm systems consist of the Central Unit with the keyboard, external and internal siren and detection sensors.

The alarm systems shall be installed after studying the technical department at appropriate locations to provide optimum area coverage. When the sensors detect a violation, activated, set off the sirens of the system and transmit coded alarm signals to the central station Signal Reception operating 24 hours a day

For fire protection of property your Bella Security Group, selects sophisticated fire protection systems that meet international technological standards and continuously monitor the sites you wish via the proprietary Center monitoring Station promptly informing the competent and you in an emergency.

To fire the Bella Security Group:

• Selects sophisticated fire protection systems that meet international technological standards.

• continuously monitor the sites you wish via the proprietary Center monitoring Station.

• Inform those responsible in an emergency.

• Notifies direct you or your representatives.

• Provide ongoing technical support of the systems you have selected.

[/box] [box title=”CCTV SYSTEMS”]

You can supervise the staff or your business space when you are away and have a full and clear picture?

Choosing to supervise your space with image transfer systems will be always able to know what is happening. The closed circuit surveillance allows you to have full control at the places you want 24 hours a day, recording every move.

The well-equipped, privately owned Central Monitoring Station of enables us to offer you:

• Immediate assessment of your real-time situation.

• Mobilise patrol of our company and notify the appropriate authorities.

• Your complete and continuous information.

• High-level and ongoing technical support

[/box] [box title=”ACCESS CONTROL”] The “move” your business is in your hand. As a professional, you know that the parts of an enterprise are different, and at the level of sensitive data and importance level. The access control system allows you to select levels and accessibility rating you want to have the staff and your visitors to places and parts that you want according to the specific needs of your business. At the same time it allows you to have a full picture, through detailed recording of movement of personnel in regards to the place and the time incurred. [/box] [box title=”ANTI THEFT G.P.S”] The needs of your business are increased and your time is valuable. So it is of profound importance for you to know at any moment where your vehicles. For this reason, the Bella Security Group, offers you the Fleet Vehicle Management System (ARMADA). The benefits arising from the use of many and important. Lets analytical monitoring of the journey on your vehicles in real time. At the same time, our company, with the support of proprietary Center monitoring Station provides you 24 hour support and information. [/box]