Bella Security Group

Studying and installs all types of electronic remote monitoring alarm system. Before each installation of the technical department, after an autopsy on site, planning the security system in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the customer, and make a similar placement. Alarm systems have the seal of the most reliable construction companies and provide full coverage of shielding needs of your space.

Security methods can be improved respectively but improved and attack techniques, which try to circumvent the existing detection mechanisms. The Bella Security Group monitors and utilizes all the latest achievements of modern technology for it and can undertake consistently and confidentially provide the following services:

  • Security Systems-Fire Detection
  • Static guarding
  • Prompt intervention
  • Center reception on 24 hour alarm signals
  • Center downloads video and audio on a 24-hour basis
  • Patrol
  • Specialized support personnel with excellent technical training with a licensed Work that requires our company
  • Installation of equipment
  • Storing photovoltaic systems
  • Closed Circuit Security Systems
  • Safekeeping of individuals
  • Escort vip
  • Concerts – Festival – Events
  • Houses – Shops – Factories
  • Anti-theft G.P.S